Reza Y. Siregar

Director, The South East Asian Central Banks Research and Training Centre

ASEAN is market driven community

One thing I would like to stress from the beginning is that it is not a policy driven community, it is not a politically driven community, it is a market driven community… You (the private sector) are the drivers of this. Not the ASEAN secretariat, not the government and definitely not the central banks.

About Reza Y. Siregar
Reza Y. Siregar is the Director of Research and Learning Contents of The SEACEN Centre effective as of 3 August 2009. Prior to his appointment, Reza was attached to the IMF-Singapore Regional Training Institute since August 2006 and has also worked for the Asia Pacific Division and the Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF in Washington, D.C.

He has taught at the School of Economics, University of Adelaide in Australia and the Department of Economics, National University of Singapore. He was an Economist at the Asian Development Bank in Manila and had held visiting scholar positions at Bank Indonesia and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Reza Siregar holds a Ph.D in Economics from Brown University in Rhode Island, U.S.A. He has published over 60 research papers, mostly in the area of international economics/finance, monetary policy, and applied econometrics.

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