Jukhee Hong is a policy advocate for ASEAN Economic Integration. She heads CARI ASEAN Research & Advocacy, an independent think tank that is dedicated to supporting the ASEAN economic integration by advocacy and research. She translates the mandate of CARI by leading CARI’s operations, outreach, research and advocacy efforts.

She directs CARI’s research output and has led all research projects, produced numerous reports and papers and published various books for CARI over the years. Many of which have been socialised and presented to Senior officials of ASEAN including Ministers, Heads of States and Governments.

Notably, the recently released “A Pathway to Recovery and Hope for ASEAN” – A Package of Recommendations in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic spearheaded by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC) and Joint Business Councils and Partners; the Lifting-the-barriers (LTB) Reports with sectoral policy recommendations that formed the foundational baseline recommendations for ASEAN Leaders just to name a few. She has provided policy input at various governmental meetings and has made presentations on ASEAN integration policy issues at regional fora as well as ASEAN ministerial level meetings.

Prior to the cabinet reshuffle of Malaysia in March 2020, she led the secretariat that was tasked to organise the offline APEC CEO Summit 2020 for APEC Business Advisory Council (APEC BAC), where she had served as the Executive Director for APEC BAC for the year 2020 for the 21 economies including host country Malaysia.

She is also the Executive Director of the ASEAN Business Club, an association of chief executives of larger corporations and companies in ASEAN. She has spearheaded business missions across ASEAN and beyond, including Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. She also serves as Deputy Executive Director of ASEAN Business Advisory Council, the apex private sector council appointed by respective heads of trade ministries from the 10 ASEAN member states.

Prior to that, she joined the Ministry of Information of Malaysia at the invitation of three consecutive cabinet ministers to consult and implement revamp of the national vernacular news and current affairs programmes for RTM. Before joining the public service, Jukhee had a successful career as a trilingual and award-winning media practitioner through her decade-long career in mainstream broadcast journalism.

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