CARI ASEAN Research and Advocacy is an independent think tank created to support the ASEAN economic integration and development through policy research and advocacy.


Established in 2011, CARI is the first independent, transnational research institute dedicated solely to the advancement and acceleration of the ASEAN integration agenda. CARI pursues policy research and promotes thought leadership in support of an ASEAN Community. CARI seeks pragmatic solutions and real policy recommendations to address challenges in ASEAN integration and connectivity.


As the centre of gravity of global economic activity shifts to Asia, ASEAN finds itself at the crossroads of global trade in goods, services and ideas.

ASEAN has succeeded by embracing open markets and regional co-operation. As we continue to remove barriers to the movement of goods, services, people and capital, and with an integral effort to improve inclusion, good governance and sustainability, we are within reach of an ASEAN Community.

Asia’s increasing economic role must be attended by the growth of institutions dedicated to thinking through the consequences and possibilities brought by this great transformation.


Business Application
CARI’s research is focused on advancing regional integration and growing cross-border trade and investment within and beyond ASEAN.

CARI connects leaders in government, academia and business to identify key opportunities for growth and development in the region.

Global Channels
Tapping a global network of thought-leaders, CARI views the region from a global perspective and helps project ASEAN to the world.

Current Monitor
Our expertise offers short-term analysis of current events which impact on business decision-making.

Horizon Scanning
CARI works to spot emerging trends, and helps our stakeholders identify constructive responses to these trends.

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