Vietnamese naval ships visit China’s Nanhai Fleet

By Viet Nam News | Source: News Desk

Two Vietnamese naval ships arrived in the coastal city of Zhan Jiang in the Chinese southern province of Guangdong on June 25 in a courtesy visit to the region’s municipal authorities and the High Command of the Nanhai Fleet.

The visit, by HQ 011 and HQ 012, forms part of a wider tour of China which took place on Vietnam’s 15th joint patrol with Chinese naval forces.

Following a welcome ceremony hosted by Deputy Chief of Staff of the Nanhai Fleet, Zhang Chuan Shu, the Vietnamese sailors and officers attended a meeting with their Chinese colleagues.

Colonel Nguyen Duc Nho, the leader of the Vietnamese delegation, briefed his hosts on the itinerary of the joint patrol, which included several training exercises and drills on search and rescue operations at sea.

Since 2005, the Vietnamese Navy and the Nanhai Fleet have conducted the joint patrols in the Gulf of Tonkin, creating conditions for the two sides to share experience in search and rescue at sea.

Major General Zhang Zhao Yin, Deputy Commander of the Nanhai Fleet, spoke of the successful joint patrol and expressed his wish for the two countries’ naval forces to continue their cooperation in delegation exchanges, joint patrols, personnel training and sea security discussion.

The same day, the Vietnamese sailors and officers visited the Zhan Jiang municipal People’s Committee.

The joint patrol aims to strengthen the friendly relationship and the mutual understanding and trust between the two armies and navies of Vietnam and China, thus contributing to the maintaining of order and security in the Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam’s waters and reducing the risk of clashes at sea.

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