Vietnam takes precautions against avian flu

By Viet Nam News | Source: ANN

Vietnam is stepping up border controls as a precaution against the potential spread of the latest bird flu strain, H7N9, that so far has claimed the lives of three people in neighbouring country China.

Since the first case of human infection was revealed last week in China, it has raised public health concern as this virus has previously not found in the human population.

The Vietnam Ministry of Health has dispatched health officials at the provincial level nation-wide and put them on high alert of any development of the disease and ordered them to carry out prompt actions if necessary.

Passengers crossing the border will be closely monitored at points of entry and attention will be focused on those who have come from infected areas.

Patients with acute respiratory symptoms will be monitored closely while the samples will be sent to laboratories for further analysis. The health authorities are requesting hospitals and health clinics to store certain amounts of necessary medicines as a precaution.

The country has ordered a stricter ban on the transport of poultry via border gates.

According to the latest report on World Health Organision’s office, as of yesterday, the total number of confirmed cases of human infection with H7N9 virus in China remains at seven. WHO noted that there was no evidence of ongoing human-to-human transmission.

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