Vietnam supports arms trade control

By Viet Nam News | Source: ANN

Vietnam shares the world’s concern about the illicit trade of conventional arms, said Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, Vietnam’s Permanent Representative to the UN, at the ongoing UN final conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) held in New York.

To be effective, the treaty should strike a balance between international peace and nations’ legitimate right to self-defence, Trung said. In addition, it should be negotiated openly and transparently.

He affirmed that Vietnam would participate in the conference in an active and constructive manner.

During the 10-day event, expected to wrap up on March 28, participants from 193 UN member states discussed arms trading conditions as well as the scope of adjustments and specific regulations for each state.

Unlike nuclear weapons trading, the conventional arms trade is not regulated by an international-level treaty.

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