Najib failed to sign deal brokered by Jusuf, says Anwar

By Florence A. Samy | Source: The Star

Malaysian Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim alleged the peace accord between him and Najib Razak, brokered by former Indonesian vice president Jusuf Kalla before the general election, was rendered null and void because the prime minister did not sign it.

Anwar said the pact, which he claimed to have signed before the polls, was on ethical elections and not about power sharing.

He said Najib verbally agreed to the pact but did not sign it, thus rendering it invalid.

“As far as I am concerned, we respected the ethical standards in the campaign, to ensure free and fair elections and we respected the decision for a smooth power transition.

“I did not break the contract,” Anwar said at a press conference here yesterday.

On Saturday, Anwar had denied a report quoting Jusuf in The Wall Street Journal that he had reneged on the peace pact.

On another matter, the PKR adviser said he and his wife, party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, have lodged a police report over the indelible ink that was used in the just-concluded general election.

Anwar said they cast their votes at around 9:30am on May 5 and by 5pm the same day their fingers were clear without any stains of the ink.

“The Election Commission (EC) had guaranteed the ink will last for five days. Yet this was not the case,” said the PKR adviser, claiming he and Wan Azizah joined thousands of others who had lodged similar reports and accused the EC of lying about the ink’s durability.

On the Opposition rallies to denounce the outcome of the polls, he said they were not winding down.

“But we also realise people want to move beyond rallies and we are discussing what we need to do next. Our legal team is also looking at pursuing a lawsuit against the EC,” said Anwar.

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