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Muslim people talk to media at the Pyaung Bate village, which was burnt down during the conflict near the Maungdaw town of Bangladesh-Myanmar border, Rakhine State, western Myanmar
Photo: Nyein Chan Naing/EPA

Foreign Affairs

Myanmar Asks for ‘Time and Space’ to Solve Rohingya Crisis
Myanmar’s Deputy Defence Chief on 23 January urged for other countries to give his government “time and space” to resolve the crisis involving the Rohingya Muslim minority amid concerns that jihadists could exploit the situation. The request came as a respond to a keynote address by Malaysian Defence Minister Hishamuddin Hussein who warned that the situation in Rakhine, if not addressed properly, could allow Islamic State group to create a base in Southeast Asia.
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Thailand and Myanmar Jointly Promote Maritime Industry
On 21 January, a conference attended by Thailand’s Tourism and Sports permanent secretary, Myanmar’s Minister for Hotels and Tourism, as well as officials and delegates from the private sectors of both countries was held as a follow up after the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on tourism cooperation. Among other things, the MoU concerns information exchange between the two countries, as well as mutual development of resources, the promotion of maritime tourism, and the extension to the ASEAN Connect policy for a mutual sustainable development model. During the conference, Myanmar also proposed to upgrade the connectivity between the two countries, including transportation by land, sea and air.
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Myanmar to get US$824 million Loan from Japan
A Memorandum of Unerstanding (MoU) was signed between the Japanese and Myanmar government on 19 January, which grant Myanmar a US$824 million soft loan from Japan for five infrastructure development projects that are primarily aimed at improving the living standards of rural people, supporting development and alleviating poverty. The loan is given at an interest rate of 0.01% and extends over the period of 40 years.
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Myanmar Workers to be Sent Abroad
According to Myanmar’s Minister of Labour, Immigration and Population on 22 January, Myanmar has signed bilateral agreements with Thailand and South Korea, in addition to signing a MoU with the Japanese government to send Myanmar labours to those countries. He added Myanmar also plans to send its workers to Middle-eastern countries including UAE, Qatar as well Kuwait as they have recently indicated many exciting vacancy announcements.
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