Increasing Tourists in Thailand Exerts Pressure on Local Resources

By NNT | Source: Pattaya Mail

The Tourism Council of Thailand is calling on the government to help improve the country’s tourism management while the industry continues to grow fast.

Council president Piyaman Tejapaibul said on Wednesday that the Thai tourism industry is now suffering the somewhat-serious shortage of tour buses and manpower.

Mrs. Piyaman conceded that the situation has led to the industry’s failure to meet growing demand.

She added that there have been 22.3 million tourists in Thailand in 2012 while the number is expected to grow to 24.3 million in 2013, with group tours from China and Russia still to top the list of foreign visitors to the country.

The Tourism Council president is urging the government to help with the integration of the tourism management system in Thailand to cope with the rapid rise in the number of visitors.

Meanwhile, the Tourist Transport Association chairman Chavalpong Pongjiranithi added that the shortage of tour buses and tour leaders was brought on by various factors, including existing rules and regulations related to the registration of new buses, the source of loans and the lack of proper preparation for tour bus drivers.

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