Iman Pambagyo

Director, ASEAN Cooperation Ministry of Trade, Indonesia

Government need to make ASEAN Relevant

It is the government’s role to make ASEAN relevant and credible to the people, by ensuring that ASEAN is good for businesses, and that the government delivers on its promise to address the challenges and prepare the economy for the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

We have to understand that there should be a sense of “us” and a sense of “we” that should be developed. But when I found in many areas of Indonesia is a sense of “they” toward ASEAN.

About Iman Pambagyo
Iman Pambagyo graduated from International Relations FISIPOL-UGM in 1986 and went on to obtain a masters in International Politics from McMaster University, Ontario-Canada in 1996. Having being appointed into the Indonesian Ministry of Trade since 2005, he holds a vast array of knowledge in trade issues: ASEAN, ASEAN+1 FTAs, ASEAN+3, ASEAN+6, BIMP-EAGA, IMT-GT, ASEM, IORACC and other regional cooperation except APEC.

His current major assignments include the Alternate Lead of Indonesian Senior Economic Officials Meeting (SEOM), ASEAN, as well as the Indonesian Lead for ASEAN-China FTA Joint Committee, ASEAN-Korea FTA Implementing Committee, ASEAN-Japan FTA Joint Committee, ASEAN-CER Joint Committee, and ASEAN-India Joint Committee.

He is also the Chair of Indonesian National AFTA Unit, the ASEAN Co-Chair of Senior Officials for ASEAN-US Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement, and the ASEAN Co-Chair of Senior Officials for ASEAN-Canada Consultations.

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