Google search picks up new language – Myanmar

By Eleven Media Group | Source: ANN

Internet users can now use Myanmar language fonts for Google searches if they have the fonts installed on their computers.

The search engine began recognising the font earlier this month, technology experts said. They said users would have to have Myanmar 2, Myanmar 3 and Myanmar Padauk Unicode installed on their computers to use Myanmar language on Google’s search engine.

“They are beginning by allowing the Myanmar font to be used in Google search, but it will be better if they allow it in other Google products,” technology expert Ei Maung said.

“I saw that some are trying to use Myanmar font on Facebook and Twitter accounts over the last one or two years. I think it will take time to use Myanmar language in Google translation,” Ei Maung added.

Myanmar surfers have been able to use the domain and Google Play since late last month.

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