Interview with Datuk Shahril Shamsuddin

Non-Independent Executive Director & President and Group CEO

What does ASEAN integration mean to Sapura’s business in terms of opportunities and challenges?


Because the culture and the way of doing business is similar, it gives us an advantage to grow our market and enhance our profitability. This in turn will fuel our company to address other markets outside of ASEAN. In a way it’s a harvesting ground of good opportunities.

The top opportunities ASEAN integration would mean for businesses is that it’s a growing, emerging market as well as offering a pool of resources to fuel my business Shahril said. “Being an emerging market, I will get to leverage on our base, Malaysia, which is here in Asean. We are able to service this market effectively from our home base,” he explained.

People are an integral part of ASEAN integration for businesses, Shahril believes. “In growing your business in ASEAN you also grow the expertise in this area; from the millions of good professionals that are waiting to be developed. This would be the fuel for us to continually grow outside the region,” he said.

He added “In the same token, a challenge would be the process of integrating all these people and opportunities together. Although we are of the same culture, there are subtle differences in the way we work. So the challenge would be how do you harness this opportunity, align the people and provide them the learning opportunity for them to be good sound professionals and good business leaders.”

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