Suu Kyi slams reforms, says government introduced ‘no tangible changes’

27 May, 2013

Aung San Suu Kyi on 27 May criticised the government’s reform agenda, saying that little progress had been made in establishing rule of law and peace. She also condemned the 2-child limit on Rohingya Muslims put by the government, calling them discriminatory, illegal and a violation of human rights. She urged President Thein Sein to push ahead with more reforms, adding that “only a desire for change is not enough.” She said reforming the military-drafted 2008 Constitution, ending ethnic conflict and establishing rule of law remains key to Myanmar’s development and democratic transition. Asked if she still believes that Thein Sein is a genuine reformer, Suu Kyi said, “For a reformist, just only having a desire to change is not enough. He or she has to prove it. At the same time, they need to know if they have the ability to do so. Their actions also need to be effective.”

Eagles Air and Sea to pursue opportunity for JV in Myanmar

20 May, 2013
Business & Investment
Eagles Air and Sea (Thailand) Co, a fully integrated logistics service provider, is eyeing Myanmar to boost its revenues after claiming success in Singapore. “We plan to set up a joint venture with a local partner there. The deal should be concluded this year,” Wallapa Stirachavarn, chief strategy director, said last week.

Myanmar Oil & Gas Summit to be held in June

21 May, 2013
The Myanmar Oil and Gas Summit 2013 is going to be held on 17 and 18 June. The summit will be attended by the Directorate of Investment and Companies Administration (DICA), Geo-Science Association, international experts, the ASEAN Petroleum Council, as well as international petroleum and gas companies such as Shell, BG Group, and Petronas.

European merchants will make first visit to Gems Expo

15 May, 2013
Merchants from European countries will for the first time attend the 50th Myanmar’s Gems Expo, which will be held in Naypyidaw on 15-27 June. The annual gems expo sells gems and jade to international buyers, with Hong Kong, China and Japan being the main clients.

Myanmar ranked worst in resource governance

16 May, 2013
Myanmar was ranked the worst country in the world in terms of resource governance, according to a report issued recently by US-based NGO Revenue Watch Institute, lower than countries like Zimbabwe and Afghanistan. The report states: “Almost no information is available on the management of the extractive sector. Myanmar has no freedom of information law, and environmental and social impact assessments are not required … It is unclear which authority receives payments from extractive companies. It is widely assumed that corruption is rampant in the sector.”

Cyclone Mahasen weakens as it hits Bangladesh

17 May, 2013
The cyclone headed for the Bay of Bengal weakened into a tropical storm as it made landfall on Thursday 16 May. No deaths were reported in Myanmar while 14 people died in Bangladesh due to the storm.

Government sets two-child limit for Rohingyas in Rakhine state

26 May, 2013
Authorities in the north of Rakhine State added another measure to the restrictions imposed on Rohingya Muslims last week, by introducing a regional order that sets a two-child limit for local families. The directive, which is effective in Maungdaw District, also bans polygamy.

Myanmar jails Muslims over religious violence

21 May, 2013
A Myanmar court has sentenced seven Muslims to prison terms in connection with religious violence in March that left at least 44 people dead, a justice official said. The sentences range from two to 28 years, but the defendants were spared the death penalty. So far no Buddhists have been convicted in connection with the unrest in Meiktila, but a government prosecutor insists that there is no religious bias in ruling.

Japanese premier to visit Myanmar on Friday

21 May, 2013
Foreign Affairs
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe begins a three-day visit to Myanmar on 24 May in a continued bid to improve investment conditions for Japanese firms. Abe will be accompanied by more than 30 representatives of Japanese companies looking to invest in the country.