Frauline Josephine Hor Suk Yee

Frauline is an Assistant Vice President of Project Coordination at CARI. She runs projects and events especially in the form of webinar dialogues on the Economic Recovery Plan in a digitally-enhanced environment. Following the pandemic that struck the world and shaken economies across all nations, her core area of work in CARI today focuses on the planning and strategizing of outreach activities forecasted as the next megatrends anticipated over a short to mid-term period.

Frauline joins from over 10 years in the area of public relations and events project management. Prior to the CIMB ASEAN Research Institute (CARI), Frauline was attached to CIMB Group, and prior to that Milk PR under the subsidy of DDB International. She was part of the pioneering team that launched the ASEAN Business Club and ran the hospitality arm of the CIMB Classic golf tournament, a PGA-sanctioned event since its inception in 2010.