Eleen Ooi Yi Ling

Eleen is a Research Manager at CARI. She works closely with CARI’s Executive Director in the development of research projects, managing the research department and output of CARI. Her areas of interest are in economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and business innovation.

She won the National Design Thinking Award of Malaysia in 2019 for her work in advocating and incorporating the Design Thinking process into qualitative research and the entrepreneurial decision-making process in areas of high volatility and high uncertainty. Prior to joining CARI, Eleen was an academician with more than 15 years in action research. She was also an entrepreneur, consultant with the Cradle Coach and Grow Programme and mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation (UK). Eleen is also currently pursuing her PhD in Business Economics.

DTAM 2019 Award Digital Badge:

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