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Investment Restrictions and Lack of Transparency among Major Concerns for Industry Players

As a region that is undergoing rapid economic growth, the demand for energy efficiency in ASEAN has also soared in recent decades. Therefore, energy security has also emerged as one of the key concerns in order for these countries to achieve sustainable development.

Today, resource producing nations in this region are also facing challenges in the areas of minerals, oil and gas due to a maturing resource base that affects their ability to reinvest in their businesses. More importantly, they are also facing the dilemma of choosing between attracting foreign investment and promoting local champions thus affecting all stakeholders concerned.

Research partner, Bain & Company highlighted several issues that served as the topic of discussion.

Issues discussed:

  1. Skills or expertise needed to successfully transition to a mature resource base
  2. Role of government in ensuring a vibrant oil and gas sector
  3. Achieving the right balance between domestic workforces and expatriate employees
  4. Information sharing among industry players

Sector Champion

Co-Conveners Shahril Shamsuddin President & Group CEO, SapuraKencana

Dr. Ilham Akbar Habibie President Director, PT Ilthabi Rekatama

Research Partner Bain & Company

Moderator Dale Hardcastle, Partner, Bain & Company