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Financial Services Business Community Discusses Ways to Enhance Economic Integration

ASEAN needs an efficient integrated capital market in order to sustain its economic growth as it moves closer toward integration in 2015. However, it also faces challenges such as policy and regulation alignment, supervision and dispute resolution that threaten to derail such aspiration.

It is therefore imperative that policy makers to come together in building adequate safeguards while ensuring the benefits are shared by all parties involved. The intention is to achieve significant progress in building a regionally integrated market where companies or governments can raise capital across ASEAN markets, investors are able to invest freely across borders and banks can enter and operate across the region.

On the surface, these stated goals are an excellent objective, though the actual implementation is difficult considering complexities such as multi-currency environment, significant disparity in development standards and disparate fiscal and monetary policies among ASEAN nations.

Issues discussed:

  1. The need for a monetary union in creating an efficient integrated capital market
  2. Creation of an industry-led utility

Sector Champion


Nazir Razak

Chairman, CIMB Group

Piyush Gupta

CEO, DBS Group


Chin Wei Min, Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Capital Markets, Accenture

Research Partner

Chin Wei Min,

Asia Pacific Managing Director for Capital Market Industry, Accenture

Nicole Bodack,

ASEAN Capital Markets Trading Services Lead, Accenture

Chris Brodersen,

Capital Markets Researcher, Accenture

Tan Ai Rin,

Financial Services Senior Manager, Accenture